Chapter 3: Dual Exchanges

Their eyes set upon a shadow in a short, indistinguishable shape. An action to be repeated; an omen for disaster. Two parties divided come to their own agreements, and they seem to collectively focus a lone, dank apartment, seemingly forgotten, yet sure to be remembered. There’s a shimmer through the gloom by which the shadowContinue reading “Chapter 3: Dual Exchanges”

New Character Profiles!

Thanks to the work by the lovely DudaDrawingss, there is now a Character Page for Nihon Severance! The three focus characters are all described for curious readers, giving a look into their nature and circumstances. But it seems that one of those three characters haven’t been seen in the story, yet! If you’re curious asContinue reading “New Character Profiles!”

The Beginning of Nihon Severance

A novella detailing the journey of Yoko Jackson when she uncovers a mystery relating to her stalker in Portland, Oregon. On Tuesday, 2nd November, the first chapter of Nihon Severance was released, with new chapters scheduled for publishing at least once each week- though this was later changed to once a month. Severance is aContinue reading “The Beginning of Nihon Severance”