Update: Month’s Delay

This project is particularly small as it stands, so I very well could stay silent and let the month blow over, but that would be dishonest and portray myself as thinking the fewer people who follow my project are unimportant, and that is simply not true. So, I shall address it.

January 22nd was supposed to be my deadline for Chapter 4, but Chapter 4 is not coming out tomorrow. Why? Well, a lot of reasons, but the main one has to do with snow. I live in Virginia, and some of you might have heard that we had some rather gnarly snowstorms as of late. The first one cut my family out of power for approximately two days, though others were not so fortunate to have it back as quickly. There were other complications as well, such as school delays and the transition to my new semester loading me with new work. Work which, due to the lethargy compiled by the extended winter break, I was entirely unmotivated to, at first, tackle.

tl;dr inclement weather, lack of motivation, and general business in other matters has obstructed my ability to work on Chapter 4.

Further, I plan to actually go back and re-review Chapters 1-3 so I can tidy it up, refine the style, and eventually work to get my novella out to a wider audience.

Life can be somewhat intimidating with so much to do at once, but now that I’m finally easing back into the swing of things, hopefully it will be easier to adjust.

Thanks for reading,

– Analysis

Chapter 3: Dual Exchanges

Their eyes set upon a shadow in a short, indistinguishable shape. An action to be repeated; an omen for disaster.

Two parties divided come to their own agreements, and they seem to collectively focus a lone, dank apartment, seemingly forgotten, yet sure to be remembered.

There’s a shimmer through the gloom by which the shadow is violated.

An omen for disaster.

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Afterword: In this chapter, my goal was to establish two very contrasting environments and emphasize, through their inhabitants and the way they impact said denizens, the importance of a person’s surroundings or living space. Toxic relationships and a miserable, trapped lifestyle can cause a person to do things they never pictured themselves as able to do, before. On the other hand, having a comfortable environment which one can be immersed in and rely on can do wonders for mental health. Both types of spaces, the denizens will find themselves returning to, again and again, but for entirely different reasons.

I think I’ll be doing this “afterword” schming after every one of my chapters, now. They’re neat.

– Analysis

New Character Profiles!

Thanks to the work by the lovely DudaDrawingss, there is now a Character Page for Nihon Severance!

The three focus characters are all described for curious readers, giving a look into their nature and circumstances. But it seems that one of those three characters haven’t been seen in the story, yet! If you’re curious as to who they are, check in again when the next chapter is released within the next 14 days of this post.

I want Severance to be a story many can enjoy together, and it is taking a lot of resources to get it off the ground. I have plans, but I cannot craft an identity out of nothing. These next few chapters are going to be what truly makes it. I am hoping that any of you still reading have been enjoying a peek into the version of our world I’ve built insofar.

Gun Shots, Espresso, and Fisticuffs… Chapter 2 is RELEASED!

The gloomy morning drizzle is split by a pair thunderclaps, but they don’t seem to come from the sky above.

Monday, 22nd of November, sees the full release of Chapter 2 for Nihon Severance. In it, more characters are introduced; though, unfortunately, not all of them are brought forward by name. Introductions aside, the question of why the protagonist is under watch at all comes up again, and rather than sit complacently and pray for safety, it is resolved that a head-on approach is the only possible answer.

A bee, a bear, and and the bear’s cub all walk into a coffee shop. Just a normal day on Winter Break.

– Analysis

The Upcoming Chapter (+Reader Poll!)

Progress On Chapter 2 and A Digression

Work for Chapter 2 of Nihon Severance is coming in steadily, and it’s predicted to be little more than twice the length of Chapter 1 once it’s complete, titled, “Personal Warder.”

In the progress of writing Chapter 2, I realized I needed an intermission wherein there is either a gap in time or a shift in perspectives. I decided, rather than using a google-doc provided symbol for my page break, I’d make my own. Of course, I’m sticking with the theme of “broken chains,” in line with the logo for Severance.

A simple thing, a black-and-white rendition of a broken chain link. If you’d like, you can download and use the image as a page break, yourself. As a page break in google docs, it’s 35 in. x 35 in. in measurement, using three copies of the image, with the middle having double indents on either side to put some space between its neighbors on the left and right.

Note: Location of the breaks in the narrative is not indicative of the final product

Character Art, Reader Polls, & Why You Should Care

I am not especially a visual artist myself, which is why I am commissioning display work for the novel; Namely, portraits for some of the main characters! A page for “meeting the characters” will be added to the site once these commissions have been completed, so be on the lookout for that.

At the end of Chapter 2, once it is released on the reader for Nihon Severance, there will be displayed a poll for any and all readers to participate in. It will involve an inquiry to the readers that may very well result in them altering the course of the story. Nothing extreme as submitting their own characters, though! (…yet.)

Chapter 2 will also introduce, briefly, a few of our antagonists for the story, as well as more of a reason for the reader to care about what is happening in the story and what the overall mystery may be. If Chapter 1 left you uncertain, the follow up will do its best to hook you. After all, you can’t have a good story without copious amounts of bloodshed some drama!

– Analysis

The Beginning of Nihon Severance

A novella detailing the journey of Yoko Jackson when she uncovers a mystery relating to her stalker in Portland, Oregon.

On Tuesday, 2nd November, the first chapter of Nihon Severance was released, with new chapters scheduled for publishing at least once each week- though this was later changed to once a month.

Severance is a crime drama, revolving around the underworld politics of those who don’t care much for the law, as well as how their actions involve others. The primary themes in Severance revolve around agency, fate, and relationships, not to mention the romance lingering in the main cast.


  • Chapter 3 of Nihon Severance
  • Variety of polls and surveys that will gauge audience immersion and probe for participation

Be on the lookout for new content. If you’re there for the ride, you might be able to steer the car!

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