Chapter 3: Dual Exchanges

Their eyes set upon a shadow in a short, indistinguishable shape. An action to be repeated; an omen for disaster.

Two parties divided come to their own agreements, and they seem to collectively focus a lone, dank apartment, seemingly forgotten, yet sure to be remembered.

There’s a shimmer through the gloom by which the shadow is violated.

An omen for disaster.

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Afterword: In this chapter, my goal was to establish two very contrasting environments and emphasize, through their inhabitants and the way they impact said denizens, the importance of a person’s surroundings or living space. Toxic relationships and a miserable, trapped lifestyle can cause a person to do things they never pictured themselves as able to do, before. On the other hand, having a comfortable environment which one can be immersed in and rely on can do wonders for mental health. Both types of spaces, the denizens will find themselves returning to, again and again, but for entirely different reasons.

I think I’ll be doing this “afterword” schming after every one of my chapters, now. They’re neat.

– Analysis

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