New Character Profiles!

Thanks to the work by the lovely DudaDrawingss, there is now a Character Page for Nihon Severance!

The three focus characters are all described for curious readers, giving a look into their nature and circumstances. But it seems that one of those three characters haven’t been seen in the story, yet! If you’re curious as to who they are, check in again when the next chapter is released within the next 14 days of this post.

I want Severance to be a story many can enjoy together, and it is taking a lot of resources to get it off the ground. I have plans, but I cannot craft an identity out of nothing. These next few chapters are going to be what truly makes it. I am hoping that any of you still reading have been enjoying a peek into the version of our world I’ve built insofar.

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17 y/o writer currently working on a crime drama novella: "Nihon Severance." Any and all inquiries can be emailed

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