The Upcoming Chapter (+Reader Poll!)

Progress On Chapter 2 and A Digression

Work for Chapter 2 of Nihon Severance is coming in steadily, and it’s predicted to be little more than twice the length of Chapter 1 once it’s complete, titled, “Personal Warder.”

In the progress of writing Chapter 2, I realized I needed an intermission wherein there is either a gap in time or a shift in perspectives. I decided, rather than using a google-doc provided symbol for my page break, I’d make my own. Of course, I’m sticking with the theme of “broken chains,” in line with the logo for Severance.

A simple thing, a black-and-white rendition of a broken chain link. If you’d like, you can download and use the image as a page break, yourself. As a page break in google docs, it’s 35 in. x 35 in. in measurement, using three copies of the image, with the middle having double indents on either side to put some space between its neighbors on the left and right.

Note: Location of the breaks in the narrative is not indicative of the final product

Character Art, Reader Polls, & Why You Should Care

I am not especially a visual artist myself, which is why I am commissioning display work for the novel; Namely, portraits for some of the main characters! A page for “meeting the characters” will be added to the site once these commissions have been completed, so be on the lookout for that.

At the end of Chapter 2, once it is released on the reader for Nihon Severance, there will be displayed a poll for any and all readers to participate in. It will involve an inquiry to the readers that may very well result in them altering the course of the story. Nothing extreme as submitting their own characters, though! (…yet.)

Chapter 2 will also introduce, briefly, a few of our antagonists for the story, as well as more of a reason for the reader to care about what is happening in the story and what the overall mystery may be. If Chapter 1 left you uncertain, the follow up will do its best to hook you. After all, you can’t have a good story without copious amounts of bloodshed some drama!

– Analysis

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